Gym Junkie…who me?!

Never in a million years did I think I would become a lover of the gym. Yes I have been many times in my life but never on a regular basis. I always thought, maybe if I can stick it out with the gym for a few months, I will somehow get the gym bug…and guess what… I certainly did. It actually works. I had heard if you do something every day for 30 days, you can become devoted to that something. When I joined my gym Signature Fitness here in Bondi Junction, it was for a 30 day challenge. There were lots of us that joined together and we were participating in small group classes, working out in a combination of strength training and conditioning/sweat/high intensity training classes. I loved the classes from day 1 and I think when I started to see results, that became my drive to keep going. Always being a skinny guy, I was delighted to see results, even after a few weeks. Not huge results to anyone else but for me, it was impeccable.

Why did I love this gym so much? I think the fact that there is a coach telling us what to do in every single class. This was unbelievably beneficial for me as I almost didn’t have to think, just do what I was being shown. You didn’t have to worry about being bored either and thinking “what will I do today?”.

The coach would go through the programme with us and show us how to perform each exercise. If we weren’t doing the manoeuvre correctly, the coach would teach us the correct method so that we were getting the most out of the exercise and also not injuring ourselves. Furthermore, the fact that we had to book in online for every class, almost meant that we HAD to attend, so missing a class was not an option for me. I liked that accountability factor and that feeling of “you can’t back out now!”.

I loved and still love the small group training classes. There are just the right amount of people in the class so as not to intimidate but also the right amount to be able to converse and make friends. Every class could differ. You could have 10 people in the busiest class or just 2 people in a quieter class. If you were lucky/unlucky you could even end up with a PT session (lucky as you have the sole attention of the PT but also unlucky as you would have nowhere to hide!).

This gym is a safe space for learning and growing. There are no intimidating characters i.e. “muscle marys” taking over the weights section and there are no mirrors so there is no time for posing and hogging of the equipment. Everyone is extremely friendly, supportive and encouraging, constantly pushing each other to be the best versions of themselves. There is also some friendly competition, especially when we have the conditioning/sweat/high intensity classes 😅.

You meet the best characters, in this gym especially. I have made some amazing life long friends, who not only enriched my gym experiences but also had a huge impact on my social life and employment opportunities. I would say most of us love to come to the gym to train obviously but also to see our friends, catch up with each other and have a laugh whilst being in a “relaxed” environment, albeit extremely sweaty and red faced 🥵.

Other benefits of joining this gym are:

– weekly body fat scans

– monthly programme changes (great for changing things up and challenging your body)

– nutritional advice

– health education and training

– weekly check-ins with your own assigned coach

– challenges that can include the whole gym and help keep you motivated and accountable

– social events (great to see other members NOT in their gym gear and just fun to catch up outside of the gym setting and let your hair down.

I loved the gym for all these reasons. I can’t even put into words how much this gym has changed my life for the better. Not only do I feel better physically but also mentally, socially and psychologically. Sometimes I look at my progress pictures and can’t always see a big difference but the confidence in myself has grown tenfold. I wouldn’t have taken my top off easily in the past without fear and worry of judgement but now I really couldn’t care and I am much more confident in myself and proud of my achievements.

2018 VS 2022 – not sure if there’s a huge difference but I think my face says it all. I definitely feel more confident.

Don’t be afraid to join a gym, we all have to start somewhere and you honestly will feel so much better for it. You never regret a workout!! If you live in Bondi or nearby, be sure to check out Signature Fitness. I have tried many gyms in the past and have never found one as good as this one 😊.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I just wanted to share my gym experience with you all.

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. What a wonderful post for me to fall on. I’ve always been more of a bookworm than sporty, but when I lived in Sydney, and was around the 50-ish mark, I signed up for a gym in Pyrmont (it’s gone now). I found their equipment suited me and I started working out one-on-one with a mad Russian who really got me fit. (One of his clients was Kostya Tszyu) And I did lots of great group classes that I loved. (Except spin cycle – yuckkkk – not for me).
    The important thing then was not how hard I worked, but how CONSISTENTLY I worked. I found I could lose fitness in six weeks and it would take 12 weeks to get it back.
    Now I’m in my late 60s, living elsewhere, and very patchy with the regularity of my exercise. But I think that some part of my body still retains a memory of fitness. At least I am still flexible.

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  2. Well written Regarding to join Gym benefits wrookieschu, everyday have to go gym with out any deviations otherwise folks will be lost body structure like your pic 😂 this pic can see deference between neglected to go gym after gym

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    1. Hahahaha, luckily or unluckily for me, I am naturally bald on my chest. I wouldn’t mind a few hairs but what can you do. All those things they say about putting hairs on your chest are lies 🤣

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  3. You definitely can see the difference in the body images, your arms and chest area has definitely changed.
    I am not a person who likes a “muscle-bound” look on men so just defining and shaping are great. My body
    has always had problems with losing weight due to a bunch of medical crap thrown in. I joined a gym next
    to where I live but time was so limited on each machine. I decided i would do my own routine and i
    bought myself a rower. I found out a rower uses 90 percent of your muscles and is a good cardio workout. I started out, by mistake,on the highest level and I do it every day. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and if I can’t lose the 9 lbs I want then I will tighten them up and it makes all the difference in how you feel. You do it to please yourself and feel good in the process.

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    1. Thanks so much for that, sometimes I cannot see much of a difference and other times the different is huge to me. Absolutely we do it for ourselves. I love how you bought yourself a rower, that’s amazing. And sometimes doing your own thing is great too, whatever works for you, as long as you’re moving in some way 😊


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