Doors of WordPress V16

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to yet another weekly post featuring some more of my favourite doors in Sydney. Luckily I still have quite a few to share before I move back to Ireland. Have a look below and let me know if you have a favourite this week.

1 – Paddington
2 – Edgecliff
3 – Paddington
4 – Darlinghurst
5 – Waverley

This is a tough one for me this week but I think number 4 just pipped at the post. I love the red door with its doorknob and letterbox but I also love the whole setting with the window to the side. The plants and flowers really add to the quaint and homely aesthetic. What do you think? I also love numbers 2 and 3, the former for its vibrant colour and the latter for its unique appearance of blending into the wall and the little step.

Please let me know and thanks again for reading.

Wayne ✌🏽

29 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V16

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  1. #4 is definitely altogether attractive but that first one wins the day for me. Although there aren’t any flowers right now, the color, awning, and all the greenery make it very eye-catching. Have a safe and easy move back to Ireland.


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  2. Love the Red door and like the fact that it has two windows with the top one having a window box for
    them. 3 with the black door, metal screen door and brick surround with the white pillars and the design on the top goes to a small peak. railing goes up and down in a wave effect. Hard to choose but my eye says the black one.

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