Bloganuary Day 4

I’m not sure I had a favourite toy. I was obsessed with 80s cartoons, “funnies” as they were known then to me.

As a child it was Thomas the tank engine, which is still going to this day. If I was placed in front of Thomas on the television screen, I would have sat there for hours, not a peep from me, so I’m told. Apparently my nephew is now the same also ☺️

Then growing up in the 80s, I became mad for Thundercats, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gummi Bears etc etc, any 80s cartoons really. They really captured my imagination. I used to love going to my Grandads house as he had cable tv. Therefore, offering a lot more funnies all throughout the day and not just in the morning. I used to get up super early in the mornings, just to race to the living room to watch the funnies.

So basically, any toy, figurine, comic, annual, video or video game, I was hooked if it featured any of my favourite 80s cartoon characters. As I grew older, I became infatuated with my first games console, the Sega mega drive. Playing Sonic the Hedgehog, Street Fighter or Streets of Rage were my favourite games to play. Anything also that you could play with more than 1 player. Micro machines too come to think of it.

Can anyone else relate to this? An infatuation with 80s cartoons or games consoles? Please let me know.

Many thanks,

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. I loved anything superhero (toys, comics, TV) and really loved my Weebles playlets (ranch house, haunted house, and tree house.) As I got a little older, and discovered my creative side, I loved creating images with Lite-Brite and my Mighty Man and Monster Maker.

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  2. Sounds relatable to me, Wayne! Thomas the Tank Engine was the best – my brother had loads of the toys and videos which I inherited. Loved it. I had no idea it was still running. And the first game I remember really playing properly (or trying to) was Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive. Streets of Rage was fun, and Micro Machines too, but I was really bad at that – probably still would be!

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  3. Ok so for me I was born in 1989. But intent to watch older things. I can however relate to playing the sega, street fighter. Etc. my favorite cartoons use to be the rugrats. I don’t know why they grew up. Lol. Mika turtles I like. Mainly all the early 90’s cartoons.

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  4. Playing Subbuteo for hours and hours on end with my older brother, otherwise I would have to say a football or a cricket ball were my favourite toys – it was sport sport sport in our house? Don’t really remember watching cartoons too much but Scooby Doo was probably favourite…..and believe it or not I have never once in my life played a computer game or games console, to this day!

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