Bloganuary Day 3

This question I had to think a little about. These days, just leaving our home is leaving our comfort zone, with the omicron virus everywhere. Nobody wants to become the next victim to corona, especially as we have to isolate. However, I feel like this is not a true challenge for me when leaving my comfort zone.

I like to think of the emotions you experience when leaving your comfort zone. For me, it’s feelings of dread, fear, embarrassment, nervousness, anxiety, stomach doing summersaults etc. Even though you know these feelings will not last and you will get through it, you cannot help but shed these emotions.

I last had these feelings when I had my first day of teaching this year. As I’m sure many of you are aware, I am a nurse. Therefore, I am used to teaching others, new staff, colleagues, student nurses etc. However, this is normally on a 1 to 1 basis. Recently, I became a teacher of nursing. It’s a completely different kettle of fish. Standing in front of a large number of students is daunting. Especially on your first day. Luckily for me (and the students) I got through it ok. I was nervous on the inside but hopefully managed to hide that. The more I got into it, I actually really enjoyed it, being able to share my knowledge and experiences. When the students seem to enjoy the class, it makes all the nerves worthwhile and you’re happy they you’re having a positive impact of their future nursing careers.

So my advice for others leaving your comfort soon is to know that it will be short term. The dread won’t last forever. Everyone experiences these feelings when leaving their comfort zone. Furthermore, we grow as people when we leave our comfort zones. It makes us stronger, braver and more confident in ourselves. It is a good thing to challenge ourselves, push ourselves out of our comfort zones and grow as human beings.

Thanks for reading guys,

Wayne ☺️

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  1. I think people are always moving beyond their comfort zone, leaving behind the familiar to ,one onto the unknown. We did it starting school, and each year we moved to new grades and teachers, then college or work post-high school, and any time we move our homes, or change careers, etc. Some of us thrive on the change, some dread it. I’m in-between. I am no world traveler, and very much have my favorite places to be and things to do, but I do like a bit of adventure and novelty now and then, and am open to visiting new places and trying to new things.

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    1. Amazing thanks for your reply! You’re so right. I completely forgot about changing class every year and schools too. I remember it being scary at times but exciting at other times.


  2. Hmm, this one’s made me think. As independent travellers, we actually like being taken out of our comfort zone…or, more accurately, we like dealing with it and enjoying the new experience. The most extreme was probably Bakkhali, a remote corner of Bengal, where pretty much nothing about society was as we Westerners would recognise it, and despite what the guide books say, nobody speaks English. A few days into it though we felt we knew everyone in the village. But..I would say, speaking as a 64-year-old Englishman, the most out of comfort zone I ever felt was in night clubs (!!)…that environment made me feel as if I didn’t belong in the human race at all!

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