Bloganuary Day 5

This is a good question to get you thinking. It took me a good few minutes to think what is something I wish I knew how to do. I feel like if it was something you really, really wanted to do, then you would make it your goal to do so, no matter how much time or effort it would take. In saying that, life often gets in the way of these goals. Other factors, like finding the time, finances, family and friends, employment and just generally having a life will all play a key role in whether you have the opportunity to learn something new.

I would love to speak multiple languages. It was always my dream, right through my school years, to university to now living and working in Australia. Seeing how multicultural it is living in Sydney, you can see the advantages of speaking more than one language. Especially being a nurse. I would love to be able to converse to my worldly patients in their own language, more so when they cannot speak English.

Growing up I would speak German with family and learned the language at school. I then picked up French at school too and absolutely loved being able to speak in two different languages (not perfectly by any means). The ability to communicate in German and French whilst visiting those countries was the dream.

However, as I grew older and left the studies behind (for reasons still unknown now) I slowly forgot what I had learned and taken for granted previously. Now I lack the confidence to communicate in these two languages, especially German. I would love to gain the courage to practice this language, especially as I have family from Germany. The last time I visited Germany, I was speaking at a market stall to order some food and the teller answered me in English 😆. I think he was happy that I had simply attempted to speak in his language.

I think I will get back to revisiting these languages, especially German in the future. I might enrol in some classes to revise the language. It’s just making the time is the issue for me but if I really want to do it, I can make it happen. As for other languages, I’m sure I would have the resources. I’m just not sure how difficult I would find them. Also I guess my priorities are not there yet. At the moment I’m focusing on my career, fitness and travelling.

Therefore, this is something that I wish I knew how to do. How to make the time to learn multiple languages, even just one or two. Also, what is the key to knowing multiple languages?

Let me know your thoughts or what you wish you knew how to do.

Thanks for reading,

Wayne ☺️

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  1. For pure pleasure: playing piano, and speaking German and Sign Language. I took 3 years of German in highschool, and 2 semesters of sign language in college, and loved studying both. i played trombone in high school (still play a little, and very poorly) but have always wanted to learn to play piano.

    On the more practical side: I wish I had basic handyman schools, specifically carpentry. I wish I could build things like shelves and repair things around the house. The few times I tried, I failed miserably. I have no knack or natural skill in woodworking or repair whatsoever.

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    1. I love your ideas! I too would love some handyman skills, like being able to build a simple IKEA furniture on my own would be a start 🙈. Sign language and playing piano are also skills that I can relate to wanting to learn.


  2. My daughter after graduation moved to Sweden for ten months. I think the key to learning a new language quickly is submerging yourself in it. I think then working, cooking, and socializing in a new language will happen relatively quickly – six months. I like your post. Thankfully nursing is a skill that you can use anywhere, I wonder if you worked on a cruise ship how many languages you would pick up?

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  3. Ah now that’s one I can answer straight away, but first, you’re right about others being happy if you attempt their language. We always learn a few basics before we go anywhere and then try and pick up more and mire while we’re there, it always ingratiates. My wish? That I could play a musical instrument. I am a huge music fan and have a massive collection, and would love to be able to play, especially when travelling – always very envious when some guy sits on a beach with his guitar and starts strumming. I would have loved to have learned that skill.

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