Doors of WordPress V45 ⛪️

Hello everyone and welcome to another week of doors! Today is Friday here in Northern Ireland, so I am a day late with my doors, however, the weather yesterday was unbelievably good and I didn’t want to waste a second of it. When the sun shines, there’s no rain and the skies are blue, you have to make the most of it in Ireland.

I thought this week I would share some of my favourite church doors. I have so many photos of churches as I love the architecture and history of these buildings and thankfully they quite often have beautiful doors. Let me know if you have a favourite this week.

1 – Glaslough, NI

2 – Mudgee, Australia

3 – Queenstown, NZ

4 – Carlingford, Ireland

5 – Sydney, Australia

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wayne ✌🏽

20 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V45 ⛪️

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  1. I look at all of these which are beautiful in their own ways, but I go with 2 and the door hardware stands out and its old looking church

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  2. I don’t blame you for wanting to enjoy the good weather. I live in a rainy climate too, and I’m so starved for sunshine that I have to leave the house when the skies are blue. Beautiful church doors. For me, the older the better. My fav was the one in Carlingford, Ireland, though all are lovely.

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  3. As usual, you’ve made it hard to choose. But, since it’s getting warmer here, and I’ll be spending some time in my workshop, I’m going to go with the wooden entrance to 3 – Queenstown, NZ. That’s some fine craftsmanship.

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