Doors of WordPress V40 ☘️

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to my FORTIETH edition of Doors of WordPress. I thought with tomorrow being St Patrick’s Day in Ireland, I would showcase some of my favourite green doors that I have seen recently in Northern Ireland.

Sadly I will be working tomorrow and not seeing much of the Patrick’s Day celebrations. It used to be one of my most favourite holidays to celebrate, wearing something green, having a big fry for breakfast and then heading out with friends for some Guinness and Irish music. Even when I was in Australia it was always fun to celebrate the occasion, I guess as there are so many Irish people living in Sydney. I suppose there are so many Irish people everywhere as you will see huge celebrations all over the world, especially in America where many Irish people once emigrated to, just like Australia.

Will you be celebrating St Patrick’s Day this year or have you celebrated in the past? Also please do let me know if you have a favourite green door this week. I love to hear your thoughts.

1 – Cushendall

2 – Carlingford

3 – Ballymascanlan

4 – Hillsborough

5 – Hillsborough

6 – Newry

7 – Rostrevor

8 – Rostrevor

For me, the favourite of the week has to be number 7 from Rostrevor. I think the door and whole building is absolutely fantastic, the windows, the greenery and that homely, country feel. Outstanding.

Have a great day everyone and I hope you all have a lovely St Patrick’s Day tomorrow ☘️☘️.

Wayne ✌🏽

28 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V40 ☘️

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  1. The last door is my fave! I have a strong Irish heritage, so my grandmother never let me forget it! I heard that being Irish is like being Jewish, it’s passed down through the maternal line. True for me!

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  2. Happy Patrick’s Day, Wayne! Sorry you will not be able to celebrate it the traditional way. All the doors are great and-as always— you make a choice difficult! I will go with number 8– eye catchingly green!!

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  3. For me it was #2 at first with the old fashioned latches and the diamond window until I saw number 7 with all the ivy and the shape and feel of the cottage with latticed windows and the green gate at the front. I could park myself in there and be content.

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  4. I have just enough Irish in my heritage to lay claim to the opportunity to have a beer, Wayne. I will celebrate – not too much, but enough. I like 7 – Rostrevor the best, but they are all great. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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