Driving in the snow!

What is the last thing you learned?

I had never driven in snow before, believe it or not. Today was my first time and the snow fall was plentiful. It has been snowing all night so I was not looking forward to my 5.40 am wake up call.

So what did I learn before arriving to work?

I learned the importance of giving yourself plenty of time to clear the snow from your car.

I learned to use a higher gear when driving from your driveway so the wheels do not spin.

I learned not to break when driving down a very steep hill, instead steering my way down and hoping not to meet any other cars.

And if at first you don’t succeed (almost sliding into a wall), try, try again.

Thankfully I made it so work successfully and survived my first snow day in my car 😅😅.

Did anyone else experience snow today?

Wayne ✌🏽

30 thoughts on “Driving in the snow!

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    1. Oh wow it’s really amazing how pictures and words can really transport us to another place. Snowfall is so so beautiful to watch, it can just be dangerous when driving, especially if it turns to ice.

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  1. Beautiful to look at but scary to drive in. I live in VA outside of DC and we do not get much snow like we used to. We tend to get ice which is much scarier. I drove home from work in snow and ice. Was a 12.5 mile ride to work usually due to our traffic takes an hour, however,
    that night it took me over 2 hours to get home. So Phew! I know what you mean. Literally we inched our way home.

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  2. We have had a very mild winter and no snow for us. But have experienced all what you have written past winters. Snow is a beauty to look at but not when you drive. Safe travels until snow is done.

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