What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

Bloganuary day 30

Wow this is a tough and personal one today. I always think of my life in chapters funnily enough but not necessarily what I would call them. When I have finished with one part of my life or moved onto another phase in my life, I always say to myself, “ok Wayne, onto the next chapter”. I guess everyone’s chapters will be personal to them and not everyone will find them of interest. You would want a title that would give a sneak peak to the chapter but not revealing too much, you could even give a cryptic clue, although I’m not that imaginative!

Chapter 1 – The conception of me

Chapter 2 – The new norm

Chapter 3 – Big decisions and a newer norm

Chapter 4 – Everything changes when you turn 13

Chapter 5 – The teenage years – from a soft spoken, hopeful, unbeknownst gay, daydreaming son and step-son

Chapter 6 – Freedom and discovery

Chapter 7 – Fun, friendships and relationships

Chapter 8 – The Australian dream

Chapter 9 – Journey to finding my feet and beginning my career

Chapter 10 – When all the hard work pays off

Chapter 11 – Living your best life, even during a pandemic

Chapter 12 – The reality of adulthood catches up

Chapter 13 – A fork in the road

Whoa that’s it for now. I actually feel like I could write a book as I’ve had a pretty busy life thus far (although I’m sure we all have). Thanks WordPress for the opportunity to reflect on my life and try compartmentalise my journey to date 😅.

Wayne ✌🏽

10 thoughts on “What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

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  1. Actually I have written my autobiography – its available for free on my website (which I am not going to post here unless requested). I’ve called it “Finding Out” and is literally my journey of discovery. And yes, my life divides nicely into various chapters, like you, chronicling the various stages of my journey. I won’t list all the chapter titles, because there are about 25 of them for the 350 odd pages. My favourite chapters though are “Finding Truth,” (finding out about the real me), “Finding Peace” (after I came out as gay in 2006) and “Finding Love” – after I met the man who became my husband. The book has had hundreds of downloads already.

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  2. Like most people I think I would have a mixture of sad and happy chapters, which I think is normal in this life. I guess my biggest chapter is would be how singing changed my sanity and life even though I never “officially”made it,,but it was a savior in my life that is why it came to me.

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