If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

Bloganuary day 13 – Okay! So that is an obscene amount of money. I would not wish to have that much ever. Too much money could destroy a person. If I did have a lot of money, I would like to think I would share it with family and friends first, give a good amount to charity and then use the remaining to enjoy life. Maybe no more work, travelling, and having a lovely home, nothing too grand or fancy. A billion US dollars, I just can’t even imagine that amount to be honest. What about you?

Wayne ✌🏽

21 thoughts on “If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

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  1. If I were ever lucky to win that kind of money (even a cpl million) I would give half to St. Jude
    Childrens hospital. they treat all no matter financial status. Then I would settle my family give
    each one a million to do as they please. Definitely set up an Animal Shelter for all kinds , with proper vetting of doctors and workers ,and set up a homeless shelter or soup kitchens for people who need it. Live off the interest and just go from there. We all need money to live, however what good is access if you don’t share with others?

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