Doors of WordPress V20 – Hobbiton Special

The next stop on our road trip from Wellington to Auckland was Hobbiton where the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films were set. I had always wanted to see this location as I loved the movies and I know the set of Hobbiton is stunning in the movies. Where better to showcase this place than on the 20th edition of my Doors of WordPress. If you have seen the movies or seen Hobbiton on the media, you will know it is the place where the Hobbits live, therefore there are many, many houses and that means there are an unlimited amount of doors to showcase. As you can maybe guess, I was in door heaven!

The home of Bilbo Baggins – my favourite house to see here.
Door in the Green Dragon Inn – pub for the Hobbits where we could have a dark stout.

I hope you love the doors as much as I do. I couldn’t show them all as there is simply too many but as you can imagine, they’re all pretty similar. Do you have a favourite one or a favourite colour?

My last blog post for New Zealand will be our final destination of Auckland, coming soon.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for having a look at my doors.

Wayne ✌🏽

20 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V20 – Hobbiton Special

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  1. Of course, Bilbo’s door is one I wanted to find. Oh what magic began when he opened it to the king of
    the Dwarves. I love the door to the pub, it looks so heavy and it just has the old-fashioned beauty that I love to see.
    If I didn’t pick Billbo’s door I would have picked the red one. it is nestled just right and it looks
    like a red iris if you look at the shape of the stonework around it.

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    1. You’re so right about him opening the door. I just watched the movie again and it was great to see inside the home and Bilbo opening the door (I felt sorry for him as they trashed his house). The red door is lovely also 😊.


  2. These are all wonderful, Wayne. It’s hard to pick a door or a color, so I’m going to go with the door of the Green Dragon Inn. This was a great group to highlight episode 20 – I am so happy you have shared these with us.

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