After Hobbiton, we drove for a couple of hours to reach our final destination of Auckland. We were here primarily to catch up with a good friend who lives here but also we were keen to see and experience what this city has to offer. I will highlight the places we managed to visit while in Auckland for three days.

1 – Cheltenham Beach

2 – Maungauika/North Head Historic Reserve

3 – Takapuna Beach Path.

4 – Wine tasting at The Hunting Lodge.

5 – Sunset at Muriwai Beach.

6 – Auckland Museum.

7 – Ponsonby.

There you have it! Our New Zealand trip has come to an end. What an amazing trip and so fortunate to have finally been able to visit after being in lockdown on and off for two years. I hope you enjoyed the journey and photographs from this truly epic country with the absolute friendliest of people. It’s a trip I will not forget in a hurry. Thank you all for showing an interest in my posts over the past couple of weeks, it really means a lot.

All the best,

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. Many years ago, I visited Auckland for only a couple of days. Your photos highlight its beauty and the many wonderful experiences to be had there. Strangely, me strongest memories are of a colorful shopping district, terrific sweaters and butter.

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  2. It has been an amazing journey, Wayne. I’m so glad I got to tag along to hear about all the places you visited and to view your amazing photos. New Zealand is definitely one of our bucket list items. Thank you for enlightening us to its beauty.

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  3. NZ has amazing scenery and even the volcanic spots are beautiful A lot of history in that country, I like the way you savor the feel of the country and not just rush through.
    The harbor view is breathtaking. Thank you for the journey in pics and continued safe travels.

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