WordPress Monthly Word Prompt – PLAY

July’s monthly word prompt seems pretty apt for me this month. I have just wrapped up work in both of my jobs and moved out of my apartment. From today, I am work free and no more moving furniture. Hallelujah and time to play.

Today we listened to a little jazz band with lunch in Homestead at Centennial Park. I had never been here before in the whole five years I have been coming to this park. Isn’t it amazing to discover new things right on your doorstep.
Mulled wine, the perfect winter warmer 🤗
Rounded off with some peppermint tea. Loved it.

Have a great weekend folks.

Wayne ✌🏽

4 thoughts on “WordPress Monthly Word Prompt – PLAY

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  1. Moving is always so much more than you expect. Congratulations on your no-work time and I tend to
    forget it is winter there as we are sweltering in the high 80s and 90s, in the West they keep hitting into
    the 3 digits. So enjoy the time you have, you look happy and still discover things you didn’t have time to
    notice before. Have fun and enjoy play time. Everyone needs relaxation.

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