Doors of WordPress V12

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another weekly post featuring some more of my favourite doors in Sydney. This week show cases doors that I discovered last weekend in Glebe, an inner-west suburb of Sydney. I hadn’t been here in donkeys so really wanted to revisit for a stroll and a coffee. The doors seen were an added bonus. Feel free to let me know which one you like the best. Some of the images you may have to zoom in as I really liked the whole setting or building as well as the door and wanted to include that.


Many thanks for checking out my doors again this week. Did you have a favourite by any chance? I love them all but I am really drawn to number 4, mainly because I love the architecture of the whole building. I do love the design, shape and colour of the door too. How about you?

Take care everyone and enjoy your day.

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. Two is a winner for the glass in three places as well as the quirky shape of the main glass in the door as well as everything around the door. Three is fun because there’s something inherently interesting about a door at the end of two angular walls, at least to me. Although there’s a bit too much decoration for me in number five, the glass is lovely. Nothing not to like in any of these.


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  2. Hi Wayne. This is a wonderful tour. I like the apple-green door and surround in #1, and the entire house and door in your favorite 4. My favorite is 2, because of the colors and the unexpected shape of the stained glass window. That one’s really marvelous. Hugs on the wing.

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      1. Now, it I could be early enough to be the first one to comment on Thurs. Doors, but fat chance – number one activity is my walk around the neighborhood:)

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  3. I like the feel of door #3. The angle of the building plus the little window above on the second story.
    it is just a place that feels cozy.

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  4. The corner door at #92 is a classic, but the last door has so much to love. It’s a hard choice. They are all great, and I understand about “the whole scene.” The additional items on the porch in the second photo add so much. I guess I like them all.

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