FOTD – Golden Dewdrops

Happy Friday everyone. Boy, am I glad to reach the weekend this week, it’s been a long, cold one here in Sydney. We’re all looking forward to a long weekend here in Australia for the Queen’s birthday, which isn’t actually her real birthday, so I’m not sure why that is, nevertheless, I’m not complaining for an extra day off.

I am not, in fact, showcasing a flower today but rather, I am showing you the berries of this shrub. The Golden Dewdrop (what a fantastic name by the way!) and I happened to pass this last week when I was looking at some doors in Darlinghurst. The flowers are a blue colour but I didn’t happen to see these, just the berries. I was really pleasantly surprised to discover these, even though in Australia the Golden Dewdrop shrub is known for being a weed. To me, it looks beautiful. It reminds me of the Leonardo da Vinci quote – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Let me know what you think?

Golden Dewdrops – I love the vibrant orange colour against the green of the leaves.

Have a great weekend everyone and take care.

Wayne ✌🏽

14 thoughts on “FOTD – Golden Dewdrops

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  1. I double-checked and this is what it said.

    The American holly is a tall tree with dull, dark green leathery leaves with spiny margins and orange to red berries appearing in the fall. The American holly tree looks like the English holly and is often used for Christmas decorations. So it is a holly.

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  2. I have that type of tree where I live, at first because of the leaves and the berries I thought it was a holly
    bush but noticed they are orange berries, So as I am not a knower of gardening I don’t know what we call it here. But I agree the orange looks great against the green. Just like holly does with red berries, my favorite.

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