Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge ⛺️

Thanks to Dan at No Facilities, this is the Second Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. There is a selection of doors on offer and we have to pick one to write about. This door stood out for me.

Image Teepee Route 66 October
2016 Copyright © 2016 Deborah

My initial thought process was – oh wow, what an amazing looking Teepee…oh the teepee has a door…oh I love the door actually…ok it’s not often you see a teepee with a door like that…to my main questions of thought, does this door simply take you through to the other side of the road or does this door take you to another world?

I am thinking you can only travel to another world if you believe the door to take you there. If you do not believe, you will simply walk through and see the other side of the road.

Or maybe the other side of the door is in fact just the road but if you had believed it would take you to another world, then maybe in fact, you are in another world. Even metaphorically speaking, you are in a better world, as you believe it to be so. You have the ability to place your past behind you and move forward with your life into your new world.

What do you think lies behind the door? A secret garden? Narnia? Or maybe a more positive and brave YOU, as you have taken a leap of faith through a door to an unknown destination.

Who knows?! Ok, I’m guessing the owner of this photo will know…

A Better World – short story

Alice began to walk tentatively towards the door. She was thinking, “This is crazy. How can walking through this door make me feel better, I know it leads to the other side of the road!”. As she reached the door, she placed her hand on the door handle, took a deep breath in and said to herself “I am letting go of my fears and insecurities, I am Alice and I can overcome anything!”.

As she pulled the handle down, she gave the door a gentle nudge. Nothing happened. Alice had to give the door a decent push, it was almost like someone was putting their weight against it. With all her might, she managed to open the door without falling through it. A huge gust of wind smacked her in the face, knocking over her beehive weave.

What was on the other side? Nothing. It was the same road. “Ok, I expected this” thought Alice. However, to Alice’s surprise, although everything appeared the same, it somehow became brighter and clearer. She instantly felt better in herself and her mood had lifted. “If only I had taken these steps sooner” she thought.

Alice knew she was a different person than before walking through the door. She had left the negative thoughts in the past and could now focus on her future. “Ok”, said Alice aloud, “You are a magic door inside a teepee!!!”.

Wayne ✌🏽

Ps. Thank you Deborah for the amazing picture!

11 thoughts on “Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge ⛺️

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  1. Thanks for selecting my image, Wayne and writing such a fun story. It was a magical day there for me. The owner let me into that room so I got to see what was behind the door. It was a lovely motel room on RTE 66! I didn’t spend the night there, but thought and still think it would be fun to do so.

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    1. That sounds really amazing!!! I had no idea you could actually stay there. Thank you for taking such a wonderful picture and sharing with us all. Maybe one day I will be able to visit in person 😊

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  2. I enjoyed this, Wayne. Here’s to getting rid of those negative thoughts. Direct to me to this door on Route 66. 😀
    I actually researched this place for an unfinished novel. It’s the Wigwam Motel. The story has it that even though the structure should be called a teepee, the owner hated that word. So they chose the inaccurate term wigwam. I loved this photo from Deborah.

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  3. It’s kind of weird to see a teepee with a door. The flap is usually the door. My hope for the people’s who lived in these is that we can create a better future for everyone. Interesting!

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