FOTD – China Rose

Happy Friday everyone. Please see below my flower of the day. Todays offering is a China Rose.

China Rose – native to south-west China

This rose is significant for it’s ability to bloom almost every month of the year and therefore, it represents longevity. I like this idea of living a long life, through thick and thin.

Take care all and have a lovely weekend.

Wayne ✌🏽

4 thoughts on “FOTD – China Rose

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  1. I’d prefer a little more thin and a little less thick, though. This weekend is Tulip Fest in Washington park in Albany, NY, USA. (30 minutes away from me.) It happens every year to coincide with Mother’s Day. and is very well attended. It’s a beautiful spread of Tulips of every color, but we will not be attending this year. We’re still avoiding large crowds due to COVID,

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