Covid 19 Booster

This blog is in response to Fandangos Provocative Question #FPQ, which is: If you have already received your initial COVID-19 vaccinations, are you intending to get a booster shot when it becomes available to you? Why or why not? If you have yet to be vaccinated for COVID-19, are you intending to ever get vaccinated? Why or why not?

Although I’m a travel blogger per se, I think this is such an interesting question and a very topical and divisive topic at present. Personally, I cannot wait to have a booster shot, 3rd vaccine in total to protect against the coronavirus.

I’m a nurse, so I appreciate the importance in protecting ourselves and others from the virus spreading. I am no medical genius by any means but I trust the medical professionals and the advice they have provided. I know with the vaccines you can still be infected and can still pass the virus on to others. However, the chances of this are significantly reduced and if you do happen to become infected, your risk of hospitalisation is decreased drastically. Very few, if any people here in Australia are hospitalised after having the initial 2 shots of the vaccine. This therefore frees the hospital beds for those people that are sick from other illnesses etc.

I believe a 3rd shot is needed to maintain a high number of antibodies in your system. I look at it like a flu shot we receive every year. Different strains may evolve again as we have seen in the past. Therefore, vaccines may need tweaking in the future again and given again to people en mass.

Even with my initial 2 vaccine shots, I still do not want to get covid 19. So bring on my 3rd shot already 🀣🀣. At present we have to wait 6 months for our booster so hopefully I can receive mine next month πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. I think we should be extremely thankful that we have the vaccines, especially as some people living in third world countries may find it harder to obtain them or some people may lack the education and knowledge of how the vaccines work.

Stay safe everyone and get vaccinated ✌🏽

Wayne ☺️

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  1. I know two people who told me that they don’t want a booster shot for some very strange reasons. I don’t think I will follow their examples. I will get mine in two or three months time I think.

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  2. I only got vaccinated recently, I didn’t get it before as I have multiple allergy condition and this time too I was vaccinated only after thorough examination by a senior doctor and was kept under observation for more than 1hr, really glad I finally could get vaccinated.

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  3. I’m definitely getting a booster when I’m eligible. One thing I am interested to see is that because Canada already lengthened the time between the first two doses, when will the booster become necessary? It’s all an experiment

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  4. I agree with everything you wrote and I have a hard time understand those nurses and others in the service industries who are opposed to getting vaccinated.

    By the way, you wrote, β€œHowever, the chances of this are significantly reduced and if you do happen to become infected, your risk of hospitalisation is increased drastically.”

    I think you meant β€œβ€¦and if you do happen to become infected, your risk of hospitalisation is DECREASED drastically.”

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