Brr it’s cold in here!

How do you feel about cold weather?

I STRONGLY dislike cold weather and here are my reasons why –

1 – I don’t like the sensation of feeling cold, I find it extremely uncomfortable. Have you ever washed your hands in freezing cold weather and it’s been painful?!

2 – I feel like I can’t think straight, which is actually a biological trait for when you are really cold, your cognitive function slows down or becomes sluggish.

3 – It affects my mood. I don’t necessarily feel down about the cold weather, I just know that when I’m warm I feel much better in myself and everyone seems to be in a better mood around me too. It’s been proven that people are happier in warmer climates.

4 – Goosebumps. I just don’t like them, even though I know they’re just trying to do their job and keep me warm.

5 – Clothing. I prefer not having to wear more clothing in the colder weather, i.e. coat, hat, scarf, gloves. Plus it’s more expensive! Furthermore, I have been scarred from having to wear woolly jumpers as a child, the itching would drive me insane.

6 – The price of oil and gas. I love having a warm home but it is so expensive to keep your place warm, more so recently with the ever increasing prices. Many people are having to live in cold homes due to the inability to afford fuel.

7 – Dangerous. Snow, sleet and ice can cause a lot of issues, especially when you have to drive.

As you can clearly see, I am not a huge fan of cold weather. However, I can appreciate that it’s not the worst thing if you are prepared and it can be very pretty to look at. I was recently in New Zealand at winter time and it was absolutely stunning! I can also appreciate winter fashion, especially when I’ve been wearing shorts and T-shirts for the past few years, however, I will always pick that over winter clothing.

What are your thoughts on cold weather?

Wayne ✌🏽

42 thoughts on “Brr it’s cold in here!

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  1. I’m so opposite. I hate the sun and summers. My skin burns and I just can’t seem to tolerate the heat 😄 But you know what, I really didn’t know that folks could actually hate the cold weather so much. A new perspective for me. Thanks a bunch 😊

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  2. I couldn’t agree with anything more than this! I live in a region that has four distinct seasons and there is always one particular day in spring when you can feel summer is right around the corner and on this day I always feel so exceptionally happy and optimistic, like anything is possible and you just know that summer fun is right around the bend. Summer is my absolute favorite time of year and I have never once complained about the heat. It always puts a smile on my face and I am always delighted to see sunshine.

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  3. I much prefer cold weather to the heat and humidity summer brings. My mood goes right down when it’s hot and humid. I get very grumpy. I can wrap up when I’m cold, but when I’m too hot there’s only so much I can take off without being arrested. So, I’m more of a fan of the autumn and winter than the summer months.

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  4. I am with you all the way Wayne – I hate the cold too. I live in Queensland, 400 km north of Brisbane, and it STILL gets cold up here from the end of May through to August, especially at night. And because its Queensland, there is no easy way to heat the house – everything is about keeping cool. Anything below 20 C has me reaching for all the winter woollies. And, you know, an electric blanket on the bed is the cheapest form of heating in winter! Fortunately the days are gloriously sunny, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

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  5. Bless you, Wayne. I hope you get to enjoy more of the warmer weather. I liked that you listed reasons you don’t like cold weather, it made me understand you more. I am the opposite and have many reasons for STRONGLY disliking (see what I did there?) hot weather 🙂 we’ll be friends anyway xx

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  6. Agreed on all your list. I will add that cold weather keeps people inside more and the spread of cold and flu germs are passed around more.
    Give me the TX heat of summer over cold temps any time. 🙂

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  7. I hate summer but not a fan of really cold either. But I love fall when the weather turns cool and the air turns crisp. And theres just a hint of winter to come. I also love pulling out the sweatshirts and warmer clothes..I dont like the sun lol.. But great if people like the sun and warm weather.

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    1. Yea that’s the great thing about people, we’re all different and appreciate different things in life. I do love the other seasons too, especially spring. Thanks for your perspective 😊😊

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