Doors of WordPress V48

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another week of local doors. My entries for this week are from a town called Newry in Co.Down, Northern Ireland, close to the border with Ireland. I have been here a lot over the past few weeks and have enjoyed coming across some new and beautiful doors. I hope you like them as much as I do and let me know if you have a favourite this week.







For me this week, I kept the best for last. I love number 6 for its colour and regal appearance. The archway, pillars on either side and transom window really make the door pop! What do you think?

Wayne ✌🏽

18 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V48

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  1. Yes, your right about the door you selected I love it, but for some reason I want to walk through door #1 black with a transom and black iron on it too along with the black iron going down the steps. I just feel this calls me to enter and i would if given the chance.

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  2. Wow! You’ve made it difficult to choose today, Wayne. I was set on Number 1 – Like that transom window. Then the grandeur of number 2, the charming weathered look of number 3 and the colors of 4, 5 & 6 got in the way. The pattern in the bricks of number 5 are a top selling point, but I’m going with number 3 – something about that weathered door.

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