Doors of WordPress V42

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another week of doors. This week I thought I would show case some of my favourite doorways…minus the doors. Sometimes a doorway can be really quaint, even without the door and I have a few in my collection that I have not yet had the opportunity to show case.

These doorways were all taken in Sydney, Australia. Please do let me know if you have a favourite this week.

1 – Bellevue Hill

2 – Darlinghurst

3 – Paddington

4 – Darlinghurst

5 – Woollahra

6 – Woollahra

My favourite has to be number 6 from Woollahra as I just love the brick work and the colour of the stones. Every time I used to walk past this building, I would stop and appreciate its beauty.

Thanks for having a look at my doorways this week.

Wayne ✌🏽

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