Doors of WordPress V36

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another week of doors. Over the next two to three weeks I will be showcasing some of my doors from our recent trip to Carlingford, Ireland. I will create a blog post for this town also as it’s too amazing not to share with you all. Let me know if you have a favourite door this week.







I love the colours of these doors, bright and fun. They really give you a sense of what Carlingford is all about. I love door number five, especially with the wreath, however, the two houses in image six are my favourites this week, just beautiful and the doors blend in perfectly.

Stay tuned for more doors from Carlingford next week and enjoy your day everyone.

Wayne ✌🏽

21 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V36

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  1. I’m with you number 5 with Azure written above the door but you have to admit those two
    colorful houses and doors at the end are unique. Talk about standing out!

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  2. I do love the bright colors, Wayne. I was sticking with the plain narrow panel red door at the top, until I saw that same door, with some delightful window panels at the bottom. Number 5 for the win! I’m looking forward to your posts from Carlingford.

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