What are the pros and cons of procrastination?

Bloganuary day 27

What a very appropriate question. I love to procrastinate but I also hate it. It’s very 50/50 concept for me.


It helps you destress by taking your mind off the subject at hand. I used to play online games as a way of distraction but I believe it actually is good for you to clear your head and reset.

You end up achieving so many minor wins, for example, cleaning the bathroom when you should be studying. I end up doing lots of chores instead of doing what I should be doing.

You feel clever for fooling others that you’re being extremely busy and productive, when you’re secretly watching episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


The thing you should be doing gets placed on the back burner and your work maybe doesn’t reach its full potential. You could have finished an amazing project but yet you failed to stay focused and ended up completing other unnecessary tasks at that point of time.

It can make you more stressed as you freak out from “wasting time”.

You’re really only fooling yourself with pretending to be productive. You should just get back to what you’re supposed to be doing.

To conclude, I really sit on the fence with procrastination. I think it’s a good and bad thing. To be honest I have procrastinated a lot in the past, however, I do always manage to complete the work that I was doing. Therefore, it can be a necessary thing to procrastinate to keep you mentally sane but as long as you can stay focused. Some people work better under pressure. This isn’t really me but I do think a little nudge to do more work is something I subconsciously benefit from. Once I have procrastinated enough, my mind then kicks me into work mode and I become productive again.

How about you? What are your thoughts on procrastination?

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. I personally don’t see any cons to procrastination. If I’m procrastinating, it’s a sign to me that something is wrong and I need to correct it first before I can move on. I did this course on organizing my life with Lifehack Method, and I learned so much that I don’t fear procrastination. It’s that good and life-changing!

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  2. Someone once said, “Never do today what you can do tomorrow.” Seriously, though, sometimes you have to stop and think about your next action, especially say if you have been verbally attacked or belittled and you are angry. Our normal response is to hit back – but then we regret our angry outburst a little while later. How many times have we written a badly worded email in response to someone, only to wish we hadn’t pressed “Send” quite so quickly. Sometimes, we should just “sleep on it” and write a reasoned, careful reply with a cool head in the morning. Maybe that’s procrastination – or maybe it is just doing what my Mum always said – “Count to 10 before you respond.” Thanks for this thought-provoking post! Always love your work, even if I don’t comment very often.

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  3. Procrastination, for me, Wayne, is neither positive or negative. It is part of a process that tells you your focus needs to shift from what you are doing, or to perhaps re -evaluate the task in hand. From a writing perspective, procrastination is a sign for this. Having said that, I have managed to turn procrastination into an art form over the years. I would be lost without it 😂.

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