Who is your favorite author and why?

Bloganuary day 21

I hate to say this but I don’t have a favourite author. I have a few authors that I really enjoy and have some books that I have loved reading over the years but none that stick out sadly.

I am currently reading The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman and really enjoying it so far. I’m happy there’s another two books after this one so I can continue the adventures.

Do you have a favourite author yourself? I need some inspiration!

Many thanks,

Wayne ✌🏽

25 thoughts on “Who is your favorite author and why?

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  1. My favourite author is Leo Tolstoy. He’s amazing at getting into his character’s heads and it doesn’t surprise you what happens. He’s a misogynist, but even though I’m a woman, I like him

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      1. It’s (at least partially) based on his experience as a prisoner of war during the fire bombing of Dresden. It’s a very good book, but Breakfast of Champions was the one that caused me to realize you can write the way you feel like writing (which inspired my writing).

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  2. The Richard Osman books are charming and I’ve read all three. Favourite authors are ones I return to time and time again such as Margaret Attwood, Evelyn Waugh, Kazuo Ishiguro and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

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  3. I don’t have anyone particular in mind. I read almost constantly. I enjoy a good story and if
    I find a book I really like I will stick with that author till I run out. Last time I bought a book was the series by Debrah Harkness called a All souls Trilogy. it was then made into a series for TV and you can buy it in DVD. Small print and a lot of reading about Vampires, witches and daemons and humans. but very interesting. I see there is now a 4th book out have to check it out. lol

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