Has a book changed your life?

I have thought about this for some time and the answer is NO. A book has never changed my life, at least not to my knowledge.

Many books I have enjoyed and maybe even helped me through times in my life but not one I can say has changed me in any way. I loved Life of Pi, this was given by my partner when we first started dating. I absolutely loved the book and we later watched the stage show in the theatre that we both worked in. That was a truly wonderful experience, one of my favourite books coming to life, simply magical.

I also loved The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, recommended by a good friend of mine when I was dealing with growing up in my university days. A really inspiring novel that leaves me with fond memories of my early twenties.

I also read a lot of Virginia Andrews novels as a teenager. These novels really helped me through my teenage years, as ways of escapism but also encouraging me through life when sometimes it felt difficult. It was the help of these novels that really threw me into reading and I became addicted to reading for a few years before I left my hometown for the big smoke of Belfast. Flowers in the Attic was and probably still is a complete classic, albeit slightly disturbing. I recommend anyone to read this book.

How about yourselves? Have you ever had a book that has changed your life?

Wayne ✌🏽

17 thoughts on “Has a book changed your life?

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  1. I have read several books which I have enjoyed, but nothing life altering. Two books I would strongly recommend are β€œ The Grapes of Wrath β€œ and Rohinton Mistry’s β€œ A Fine Balance β€œ. Most of you will be familiar with the first, but not the second, which is India- centric and set during the Emergency era. A compulsive read!

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  2. I agree. I don’t think a book changes your life but the right book at the right time can help you through a period in your life. I love The Alchemist! I had completely forgotten about Flowers in the Attic. What a book (and yes a tad bit disturbing)! I still need to read Life of Pi though. Great post!.

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