Doors of WordPress V31 – Best of 2022

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another week of doors, the last one before Christmas. This week’s Thursday Doors challenge is to show your favourite doors of the year, thanks for that Dan, not an easy thing to do! I have chosen my top 8 doors of 2022, from Australia and NZ, all the way to here in Northern Ireland. I have ranked them in my order of preference, some have been shown already and some are newly featured. Please take a look and enjoy these magnificent doors and hats off to their owners for doing such a fantastic job.

1 – Woollahra

2 – Bronte

3 – Woollahra

4 – Hobbiton

5 – Auckland

6 – Banbridge

7 – Hillsborough

8 – Paddington

Wayne ✌🏽

18 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V31 – Best of 2022

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  1. They all have unique qualities and I think I like them all but I have to admit my artistic eye goes to 2 for the colors and shape of the door and all the surrounding area, but I also noticed on the purple door the lovely purple flowers enhance it and the pink door with the black iron work.
    All amazing. ok.. I’lll make it easy I just go live with a hobbit life is kinder πŸ™‚

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  2. These are great doors, Wayne. I always think this will be an easy week. You know, roll through your photos and pick a few. It always ends up being more work than a normal post. On top of all that, you’ve traveled to another country and moved half way around the world. Sorry to make life difficult. But, it’s good to see these doors one more time.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and roll into a great New Year.

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