Doors of WordPress V29

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another week of doors. I have another handful from around Northern Ireland so please take a look and let me know if you have a favourite. I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any festive doors in the lead up to Christmas, seeing as today is the first of December. If you celebrate Christmas, do you have your tree up yet?

1 – Cathedral Quarter, Belfast

2 – Banbridge

3 – South Belfast

4 – Banbridge

5 – Banbridge

Have a great end to your week everyone and enjoy the beginning of December.

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. A diverse gallery of attractive doors. Favorites? 1 & 3. We have an artificial tree and it’s up (keeps me from having to store it!) but not decorated yet. That will wait until the girls are back a few days before Christmas. They haven’t had a chance to decorate with my husband for some years now. I do all the rest of the decorating and am working on it all now. It will be lovely to have the family together again and a new grandson is a wonderful Christmas present although at 9 months, he’ll be trying to get into everything. πŸ™‚


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    1. Thank you. That sounds amazing to be decorating the tree together as a family and a little grandson will make it extra special. Christmas is so much more with children in the home ☺️


  2. I love red (2) but I love the contrasting shapes and sizes of the shapes surrounding the door with a transom on top and the grey side pillars. Excellent. Yes, I have a wreath on my apartment door and a shelf outside decorated for Christmas already.

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  3. Once again, you made choosing a favorite difficult, Wayne. I really like the photo of that first door. In terms of a favorite, I’m torn between numbers 4 and 5. I like the arched door in number 4 and the transom window in number 5.

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