Doors of WordPress V28

Happy Thursday everyone. Itโ€™s a cold and wet one this week in Northern Ireland (what a shocker) and the dark evenings have leached into the afternoons.

However, last weekend we were in Moira for my sisterโ€™s wedding and I was able to spot a few doors that I liked. Take a wee look below and let me know if you have a favourite.






Number 5 is my personal favourite. The quaintest and tiniest door I ever did see! I wonder if a bird lives in there?!

Have a great day everyone.

Wayne โœŒ๐Ÿฝ

14 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V28

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  1. I was certain my favorite would be the first one with that large curved transom and those columns. That’s until I saw number five – number five for the win! Congrats to your sister. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  2. for me #! makes me want to enter and see what is behind the worn looking door with
    the beautiful design over the top and four skinny columns. The other doors have much beauty but never over look something because it is old and worn. There is a reason for it. It beckons me to enter.
    Last little door is precious looks like a bird is working on Cosmetic Dentistry lol

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