Monday Musings – dark and gloomy

Oh what a dreary, dreary day. Window wipers wiping frantically and rain smashing to the ground.

Everything grey and melancholy.

Halloween today and eerie essences are encircling us. Not so much spooky, more Thérèse Desqueyroux. Dark and wet, I sip my coffee by the coffee shop window looking out to the puddles and grimaces on people’s faces.

Darkness begins to fall, autumn is laughing. It knows that winter is around the corner. The darkness is coming for a long, long stay, weeks that will lead into months.

Soon this will be a cosy period of time but for now, it’s pretty grim.

Are you a fan of cold, dark and wet evenings? I normally am but not today 😕.

Stay dry and warm my friends.

Wayne ✌🏽

10 thoughts on “Monday Musings – dark and gloomy

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  1. It can take a while to adjust at this time of year. I find the cosiness sets in heading towards Christmas, but at this point it’s just gloomy. When I was at uni, the bus trip home in the evening seemed to really drag after the clocks went back; the route went through some remote Norfolk villages and it was basically pitch black. There seemed to be considerably more snoring (from fellow passengers, I hasten to add) aswell!

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  2. Well tell you the truth, yes I do not mind cloudy colder days. It is one of those days here too where I live in the US but truthfully, I enjoy them most of the time and I know they are leading
    to winter which Is my favorite season along with a dreary fall. I think because it was the time
    of year I was born in December that I enjoy fall and winter months. Am not a fan of spring
    or summer, too many bugs go along with he sunshine. Yes, I know it is bizarre, but it is who I am.

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