Doors of WordPress V23

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another Doors of WordPress. This week I thought I would show case some more doors from Sydney, as it has now been two weeks since we left and it is never far from my mind.

1 – Woollahra
2 – Woollahra
3 – Paddington
4 – Bondi Junction
5 – Paddington

I think my favourite is number five. I love the colours, the panelling and the design on the windows. Do you have a favourite this week?

Ps. I have started compressing my photos and have seen a huge difference in my storage already. Thank you everyone for your help and advice.

Wayne ✌🏽

15 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V23

Add yours

  1. As always torn, but even though I am not a mustard yellow person I like the unique design
    on the first one. The Triangle on the door does something then you have flowers to the right
    and the brownish trim.It’s oddness just appeals to me. Otherwise would have been 5.

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  2. I like the tall somewhat narrow door in number 3, but I have to go with you today Wayne. Number five for the win. The details in the glass and the door as well as the surrounding woodwork. It has everything.

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