Doors of WordPress V22

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to another week of Doors of WordPress. I have been in Northern Ireland for just over one week now and have managed to spot a copious amount of doors. To be honest, I was nervous leaving Sydney and not seeing any more amazing doors, however, I am pleased to say, Northern Ireland has a fantastic array of doors that I am very much looking forward to showcasing. Have a look below and let me know if you have a favourite door or if you have been to any of the locations.

1 – Banbridge
2 – Hillsborough
3 – Belfast City Centre
4 – Banbridge
5 – Belfast City Centre

Thanks for checking out my doors again this week. Have a great day everyone.

Wayne ✌🏽

17 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V22

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  1. #2 Hillsborough appeals to me with all the greenery, iron on each side and some flowers on the on part along with the red brick look delightful and inviting. 1 is majestic and must admit I love those tall floral lamp posts on the Bellfast city one

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  2. It looks like you’ll have no shortage of doors, Wayne. These are beautiful. I thought the first door, on the church in Banbridge was the hands down winner, but I also really like that weathered blue door at the end. I’m stuck.

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      1. You’re not wrong Dan. It will take a while to get used to but the door is open if we return to Australia. We’ll see how the next couple of months go. Thanks for your well wishes 😊

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