Doors of WordPress V21

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to my latest edition of Doors of WordPress. This week I want to show you some doors that I discovered last week on my holiday in Bali. I will also be completing my Bali blog and hopefully have that up in a few days. I arrived in Northern Ireland three days ago and am enjoying catching up with family and becoming acquainted to the local area but I will continue to blog whenever I have free time.

1 – Element Hotel Ubud
2 – Ubud city centre
3 – Taman Ayun Temple
4 – Saraswati Temple Ubud
5 – Kerobokan Kelod

You may or may not know but Bali is a Hindu island that is part of Indonesia which is predominantly Muslim. Therefore, you can see many, many temples in Bali where the people can practice Hinduism. I really admire the temples and their architecture, some of them are absolutely stunning with such intrinsic detail. Do you have a favourite door this week?

I hope you are all keeping well.

Wayne ✌🏽

15 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V21

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  1. Great post here about the Bali doors and those Hindu temples and their doors are majestic on the eye. I like how unique this blog is it is like a mixture of blogging and travelling at the same time. Have a great ThursdayπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‘


  2. I love seeing buildings established for communities of faith. These are all beautiful. It’s a hard choice, on the doors, but I like the 4th photo. I know very little about Bali so I appreciate the information you included.

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  3. I like 2. It is dark and mysterious and even though I can’t make the statue out it looks similar
    in the head like a gargoyle and yes, I collect them lol You took that photo in the proper
    perspective of shadows. I must admit most of the doors are lovely in their own way.

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