Doors of WordPress V19

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to yet another weekly post featuring some more of my favourite doors. This week’s edition follows on from last week’s doors in New Zealand. I have some more to show case from this amazing country and next week I have some extra special doors to show you as it will be my twentieth edition of Doors of WordPress! Let me know if you have a favourite door this week 😊.

1 – Arrowtown
2 – Arrowtown
3 – Rotorua
4 – Auckland
5 – Christchurch

Thanks for taking a look and stay tuned for next week’s special edition!!

Take care,

Wayne ✌🏽

32 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V19

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  1. I like the simplicity of the little house in Arrowtown. I especially like that they added a transom window. The tap and the double red doors are both inviting.

    The door to The Last Word takes the prize today. I really like wat they did with that entrance. The door fills the opening, but the trim board across the top gives (at least me) the illusion of a wider door jamb than what is there. I had to look twice. Thanks for sharing your Doors of WordPress with Thursday Doors.

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