Doors of WordPress – V18

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to yet another weekly post featuring some more of my favourite doors. This week’s edition comes from New Zealand. I’m still on my travels but I want to show case some doors from my travels that I have seen so far. Let me know if you have a favourite 😊.

1 – Christchurch
2 – Queenstown
3 – Arrowtown
4 – Christchurch
5 – Queenstown

I have seen some lovely doors here in NZ, although sadly not many residential doors. Let me know if you have a favourite and I will be sure to keep an eye for more doors on my travels.

I hope you’re all having a great week.

Wayne ✌🏽

27 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress – V18

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  1. Since I love castles and old-looking things definitely 2. I love the beautiful woodwork outside the door
    and the hinges on the big old door itself. Its lovely.

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  2. I love the curved reflections in the first door. It seems a little boring (from the directory) I think I’d rather see a pub πŸ˜‰

    The entrance at #2 in Queenstown is remarkable. Wow, I love the woodwork.

    Shaka Bros looks like a nice place to hang out for a while. The door hardware is very interesting.

    The two (I assume) residential doors are also nice. All in all, a good group. #2 in Queenstown for the win!

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    1. Thanks for that Dan! I agree 100% with you regarding the first door. I love the curved reflections but definitely would rather see a pub 🀣. I have a real love for church architecture too so when I spot a church door, I have to photograph it.

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