Father’s Day 2022

Monday morning here in Australia but it is still Father’s Day in the UK and Ireland. I just want to write a little blog post dedicated to my Dad. Not many words are needed when I show you a picture of us below. I have a great Dad, as I’m sure many do but I am simply grateful for his existence as I know many of my friends whose fathers are no longer with them.

I cannot wait to see my Dad this year after being away from home for over 3 years now thanks to covid. It’s such a long time not to see your family. I am so excited just to have a beer together, have a big hug, have interesting conversations and take some new photos together. It’s good to cherish those we care for and make as many memories together as we can.

This photo speaks volumes to me. This was my graduation day and my Dad is holding an umbrella so I do not get wet. It’s the little things in life 😊. I’m very grateful for his support, his guidance and the man I have become as a result.

Love you Dad 💛

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. Very lovely and very happy your father is still with you to appreciate. Mine passed a long time ago so
    my older brother is my father figure. Have a marvelous visit when you see each other. Certain things
    are to be treasured. Safe travels.

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  2. That’s a great photo and a wonderful post. I miss my dad, so when you get to see him, cherish the time.

    As for your problem of getting separated from following my blog and others, here is what the Happiness Engineers said they fixed: “On Feb 7 we shipped a fix that we believe will address this dropped blog subscribers issue. We found that in some cases where a user is logged out, and then logs in while on your page, a call to unFollow was unintentionally called. We fixed that, and also add more logging so we can more easily track the series of events that occur around login and follow/unfollow actions.”

    I don’t see how that helps, but if you continue to experience the issue, I’ll let them know.

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    1. Thanks Dan. So strange. I have just sent a screenshoot too so will hopefully get to the bottom of it. Definitely looking forward to seeing my Dad in a couple of months, never to be taken for granted 😊

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