Doors of WordPress V2

Welcome to my second Doors of WordPress post. I am posting today because it is Thursday today and there is an amazing Thursdays Doors group in the blogosphere that showcases the most amazing doors. You can check it out here

Please let me know which one is your favourite. I have written the location where I found each door in the caption below the photo. Note they are all from New South Wales, Australia ☺️.

1 – Surry Hills
2 – Bronte
3 – Robertson
4 – Kogerah
5 – Woollahra

The last door is my personal favourite. What’s yours?

Thanks all and keep safe,

Wayne ✌🏽

9 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V2

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    1. Thank you! I think it’s me. I haven’t worked out how to schedule posts properly. I have many drafts but when I publish them it appears as the date I began the draft. I then try to change the date and time and it becomes really messy. Any ideas how to overcome this? 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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      1. On any one blog post, you should only ever have one draft that you work on. Have all saved in a folder and name them. I use the date I plan on releasing. Are you rewriting over and over? Don’t. Even copy and paste is a waste. Have one draft of each post that you work on. I tend to put my draft that I work on in Microsoft Word and then copy and paste the finished one in WordPress and finish any last minute edits and post or schedule. Schedule is in the choices for post where it says post immediately under the little thing that looks like a cog (settings) at far right. That should allow you to change release immediately into whatever date you want to post it. You can edit the draft all you want unless you have different places and need to make it different for each place. Then just save a copy with date of release and place releasing for title. You don’t need new ones for each change. Sorry, though, I’m not entirely sure of what the issue is, so I could be giving wrong idea of what to do. Hope it is of help.

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      2. All good thank you. My issue is with the date. I only have one draft for each post. When I publish, it publishes on the date I began the draft but I don’t want that. So I change the date to present time. Problem being, I can never get the time right due to the time difference. So it takes me 3 or 4 attempts. By this stage I’m guessing the original link then has an issue as the date has been changed.

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      3. I see the issue. I found same with mine. The issue is that part of the link holds the date when the date is changed, the link is changed. I found it on my own stuff. Hope this helps.

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      4. You might be able to set it to put it out at specific times in specific areas, I haven’t looked that deeply into it. I think it is set to release on my time…and I just figure out what time I want it released here. It seems to release with the right link. I found out because I copied the link before the auto release and it wouldn’t work either. That’s when I figured it out. It didn’t go wrong on the released article. I’m not sure what all options there are, might be one that fits for you.

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