Bloganuary Day 30

I must say, this is the most random question yet. I immediately thought of taking a quiz online to see if it could come up with a quick solution. You can try yourself here.

My answer is Cherry Blossom tree and I immediately thought yes this could be me as a tree!

I do love to meet new people and have meaningful conversations. I also love to travel and sampling different cuisines. I can appreciate good art but I wouldn’t say I live for it. Maybe more the arts in general, like theatre/concerts etc. would be more meaningful to me.

This is a hard topic to write about, mostly as I do not have a lot of knowledge about trees to see if we have similar personalities. I certainly love trees and love taking pictures of trees. They are an amazing living species that the world cannot live without.

Maybe I could be a palm tree as I love the sun. I definitely would not be an evergreen tree as I could not survive in many different climates. I would need sun, water, shade and my leaves would change with the seasons, so perhaps I could be a deciduous tree, changing my leaves with the seasons as we do with our clothing when the seasons change.

What are your thoughts on today’s topic??

Wayne 🌳

24 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 30

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  1. Cherry Blossoms are one of my absolute favourites!
    They look so beautiful!!! I actually want to go to Japan to see this in person! Can’t wait
    My take on this prompt… was very… funny. That’s what all the other bloggers said. Definitely not pg-13 xD

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  2. I like the idea of the Willow tree. Found the following site. Information from it says: It appears throughout the mythology of many cultures. In the Druid stories, the universe and all mankind was hatched from two scarlet eggs hidden within the willow tree. One egg formed the sun and the other the Earth.

    In the seasonal festival of Beltane this story was re-enacted using painted eggs, a practice later adopted by the Christians and named Easter. I like it because it is an interesting definition 🙂*1u1n0xk*_ga*MzE5NTc4MTQ5LjE2NDM1MDQ1ODk.*_ga_1JGHP7Q9XX*MTY0MzUwNDU4OS4xLjAuMTY0MzUwNDU4OS4w

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