Bloganuary Day 28

I have so many different artists on my playlist at the moment. I like to have a good variety, mostly upbeat songs as I listen a lot when I’m walking. I do have some slower and meaningful songs on my playlist too for when I’m commuting on the train to and from work. Sometimes at 6am you just need some easy listening tunes to help you wake up gently.

At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Mumford and Sons. The Delta album is the most listened too album at the moment on my playlist. I’m also listening to Neil Diamond. I always loved his songs since my early twenties. It’s refreshing to have his songs back on my playlist, they’re feel good songs and remind me of fun times. I have just picked a few of my favourite songs by Neil to add to my playlist. These include Crackling Rosie, Shilo, Stones, Cherry Cherry and Soolaimon.

I have the Paul Simon Graceland album on my playlist too. It’s one my all time favourite albums, I love the African inspiration and sound.

I also have some random pop songs to make me walk faster or lift my spirits after a day at work. At present I have a lot of Dua Lipa, Guy Sebastian, Ed Sheeran and UB40. I also have some really random songs on my playlist from Blondie to the Communards to Pink to Girls Aloud. I like any kind of music really with the exception of heavy mental or trance. I love pop, rock’n’roll, country, jazz, r’n’b or anything I might just hear from the tv or radio. I have the Shazam app on my mobile phone that is amazing for discovering new music. Any time I hear a song I like, I will Shazam it to see who sings it and then I will add to my playlist, it’s super easy 😊

What’s on your playlist?

Wayne ✌🏽

10 thoughts on “Bloganuary Day 28

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  1. Ah, music really is one of my things. I have a few “occasion” playlists but generally have my 12,000 track collection on shuffle in its entirety. I love the unexpected variation it brings. Time for a long haul flight soon too…I feel headphone time approaching!

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  2. Variety including Cher, Led Zeppelin, Amanda Marshall, Boston, Paul Addie, pianist Jon Ogletree and Andy Pope but then I also have particular songs I like by particular artists like Rush, Ozzy Osbourne. I don’t have an actual playlist as such. LOL…I still have a Zune and a little ipod nano I picked up at a yard sale. Thinking it is an antique thing now. Most I can access right on Youtube.

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      1. LOL…I still have mine. Also the Zune 😀 Should dig them out and listen to what is one them again. Got the Zune because it came with radio and Ipod didn’t. Now you can tell when my ‘techie’ days came from. 😀

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