Bloganuary Day 24

Every day at 11am here in Sydney I can see the new Bloganuary prompts and every day at that time I secretly hope for a really fun topic. Some days are pretty good…however, today I am pretty much at a loss for what to write.

The problem is, I never really remember my dreams. There is the odd time that I wake up due to my alarm going off and I was woken up from a really good dream. If you were to ask me then, I can remember all the details but after a few hours it will have all evaporated from my mind. I have often thought about writing the dreams down quickly so that I don’t forget but just have never gotten around to it or maybe the dream just was not that interesting to warrant me documenting it 🤷🏼‍♂️.

I do love when you have a great dream but waken up to use the bathroom. You were really enjoying the dream so you try to re-enter the dream when you return to bed. Sometimes this has happened to me and I actually can go back into the dream. This is amazing when it occurs but I will still forget about it when I waken up 🙈

Nevertheless, I have recently had the same dream twice, although it was more of a nightmare to be honest, whereby, I am back living in Belfast and carrying out the same job I had been doing previously. I was walking through the workplace wondering why I was there as it didn’t make any sense to me. This could be due to the fact that I’m thinking of home a lot and trying to plan my future. I do find dreams very interesting, it’s like your subconscious mind is working overtime, processing all of your conscious thoughts while you are having a much needed rest.

Do you believe that dreams can mean things? For instance, if you dream of your teeth falling out, there are big changes going to happen in your life?

What are your thoughts?

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. The brain is a wonderful thing and like you I only fleetingly remember mine on waking and then poof.. Gone.. I do think they connected to our state of mind at that time and maybe our subconscious is trying to give us answers or closure… 😀

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  2. Wow, you and I are opposites on this one. I dream heavily, regularly, I have recurring dreams, disturbing dreams, out there dreams, strange dreams, weird dreams. Even dreams that make me wake up laughing. I could write a book on them. Yes I believe that dreams are meaningful, but (obviously) they aren’t predictive. They process thoughts from your mind, both frontal and subconscious. I could tell you some amazing stories about my dreams and my history of dreaming during times of stress or difficulty. I feel I am lucky: sometimes in times of stress, my dreams have given me a different perspective on what is causing the distress, which in turn lead to finding an answer. I am convinced that it has been incredibly useful on my life path.

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