Bloganuary Day 19

Where do I even start??? There are lots of things that are mysterious to me, that make me ponder. I would love to be able to write something fictional as this post screams fiction to me, however, in the real world there so many mysterious happenings that I do think about.

One that always baffles me and is extremely curious to me is the fact that I have never seen a cockroach in Ireland. Here in Australia we have millions upon millions. Even in the cleanest of homes, you will still be able to spot one. We have had more than our fair share over the years in our home, regularly having to place cockroach killer in spots around the house, mainly the kitchen. In a previous shared house we were inundated with cockroaches. In the middle of the night, the floor would move in the kitchen. You open the cutlery drawer and they can be seen scuttling everywhere. They even lived in the microwave timer screen so we could see them as the minutes on the clock descended. You dare not leave food on the table and turn your back, even for a second or they would be having a field day in your next meal.

Yet, I have never seen them at home in Northern Ireland. I would tell people here in Australia that we don’t have cockroaches as the weather is too cold. No one can believe it here. They are gobsmacked, “you must have cockroaches” they say. Well I don’t think we do, I have never seen them. Carrying out some quick internet googling, apparently we do have some but where are they? Maybe they never come out of the woodwork to see us humans. Other websites say you will never find them in Ireland or the UK 🤷🏼‍♂️.

So this folks is a real mystery to me. Have you ever seen a cockroach in Northern Ireland, Ireland or the UK?? What about even colder countries again like in Scandinavia or warmer countries in Europe? Are there any cockroaches where you live?

I would be intrigued to hear your answer.

Many thanks,

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. Cockroaches are just about everywhere we travel to, yet we never see any at home in England. I’ve never seen one in any of my homes down the years. My mystery is eggs. In the evolution of man, I get how we came to eat animals, and plants, etc. But who the hell first cracked open a bird’s egg, saw all that slime, and thought, “I reckon if you put that in a pan of boiling water it’d be lovely”…?

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  2. I went down the road of a fictional mystery .
    Love your story of the everyday! I think you must live at Coogee then. There were so many huge bush cockroaches when I lived there. Dad said it was from the big fair that used to be there. When I look back I laugh. Some flatmates didn’t cope while others joined me in a dance as we tried to stop on as many as we could. Thanks for sharing and bringing back fond memories.

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    1. That’s awesome to hear, I laughed imagining people dancing around cockroaches. I live at Bondi Junction, pretty close to Coogee. Nice to hear you used to live in the east too. I must check out your fiction.


  3. I live in Florida. There is an occasional cockroach that get in our house. They are creepy. I do not like them. When we see one, we know it is time to apply chemicals outside the perimeter of the house. It keeps them at bay until several rains wash away the effectiveness.

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