Bloganuary Day 1

What an interesting and rather deep question for the first day of bloganuary, where we are given a daily prompt to encourage us to blog and interact with other bloggers. I’m happy that it’s a question that we can all relate to and offer our own perspective. This is also a question that features on every season of RuPaul’s Drag Race 🙂

I really wish we could offer some advice to our teenage selves. It would certainly help you through those tumultuous times and allow you to see the light at the end of that long, dark adolescent tunnel. Being a teenager is hard enough in itself, hormone changes (voice breaking, pimples), discovering who you are, trying to act as a grown up, without all the extra challenges that are thrown in for good measure. Being bullied by other teenagers, for no other reason, than for their own amusement, having family and at home issues, struggling with school, living in a small minded country town and balancing a part time job. All of these issues I struggled with on a daily basis. Throw in the confusion of sexuality and coming to terms with being gay and at the time, trying to be a Christian, I’m surprised I managed to crawl out of my teenage years alive. I know I am not alone with these issues. We all have our own struggles to deal with and there are many more struggles that I am so fortunate to have escaped.

The advice I would offer myself would be to :

  • Believe in yourself. You will accomplish many great things in life, both in your personal and academic endeavors.
  • Do not worry about what other people think of you, it is irrelevant.
  • It is ok to be a gay man, there is nothing wrong with that. You were born that way. Just as people are born heterosexual. I love the question: When did you choose to be straight? Erm, I didn’t choose, I was born that way. EXACTLY! It’s the same for homosexual people. I wish I had heard this as a teenager, instead of feeling ashamed and scared. I think my family knew I was gay from as early as 6 years old. Looking back on life, I think I knew subconsciously from about 15 years and I didn’t fully come to terms with this until I was about 21/22 years old. Insane really how society plays such a part in this. I am so happy to see times are changing for the better and teenagers hopefully do not have that cringeworthy and terrifying moment of having to ‘come out as gay’.
  • Do not let small minded people define you. You are going to travel the world and meet so many open minded people who are welcoming and will teach you so much about life.
  • Do not worry about having few close friends at school. When you go to university, you are going to become so popular and well liked, just for being yourself and will make the most wonderful friends for life.
  • Do not worry and stress about your family situation. Things will settle when you move out of home and you can all put things in the past and get along with each other better than ever.

This is the advice I would give my teenage self. I think it honestly would have helped me through those tough years (don’t get me wrong, I had many, many great times as a teenager). Let me know what advice you would give your teenage self. I am honestly so intrigued by this question. Thanks #bloganuary, great first question to kick off the new year.

Thanks for reading everyone and Happy New Year. Here’s hoping 2022 will be better than the last two years.

Take care and stay safe,


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  1. Awesome advice! I think it is pretty cool that LGBTQi community is growing and making people more aware of the different orientations that people were born with. We judge others based on a standard that was created 2000+ years ago. May we continue to become more accepting of others as they are. Their uniqueness is where their value lies.

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  2. It’s terrible how many people feel they have to hide their orientation from everyone and even more sad that there are people that you need to protect yourself from because they have no respect for themselves or others or being different. In the wise words of Lady Gaga: “I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way
    Don’t hide yourself in regret, just love yourself, and you’re set
    I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way”
    Happy New Year! Cheers!

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