Covid booster received!

Hi everyone. So I had my covid booster yesterday. No nasty symptoms as yet, just a very sore arm. I’m delighted I have received it now as the Omicron variant is rampant now all over the world and here in Sydney the numbers are dramatically rising.

Just for your interest, I had two AstraZeneca vaccines and my booster was Moderna. We can now receive the booster after 5 months, instead of the initial 6 months, simply due to the rapid spike in cases. It’s funny when you have the vaccine, as you hear all sorts of signs and symptoms from friends and you are waiting yourself to experience something. Luckily I have nothing as yet but then I am only day 2 post shot.

The yellow band aid made my day!

Is anyone else planning to have the covid booster?

Stay safe everyone 😊


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  1. Congrats. Still not time for my booster yet. Will be going. In my case, I get side effects…feel like crap for several days. Still know it’s important to get it. Still get it. Unlike other things that aren’t imperative, the vaccine is. Weak immune system.

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