Life update and spending winter in Sydney πŸ₯Ά

Can you believe we have been living here a year this month? It has really flown by and doesn’t feel like a year has passed. (Technically this is our 2nd year in Australia completed, having done a year many moons ago).

I feel like I haven’t blogged in 10 years. I thought it was because I didn’t have much content to talk about. However, I think the real reason is I just haven’t had the energy or the drive. Basically, I’ve been lazy or maybe I’ve just been living life πŸ˜†. Anyways, I thought I would use this blog to tell you all what we have been up to in the last few weeks. We have been fairly quiet of late for a few different reasons. We have just moved house and we actually ended up living in Bondi Junction. If you have read my last couple of blogs, we had been debating whether to live in the city or by the beach. We thought we had decided on Bondi, however, the daily commute to work and the gym etc was becoming a real chore. Therefore, we made the decision to move to Bondi Junction. It is the next suburb to Bondi and we can travel there to the beach within 10 minutes by bus. Living in the junction makes travel to the CBD and anywhere really in Sydney much easier as there is a main railway station here. We are close to all the amenities needed including the massive Westfields shopping mall. It is so handy and means less time spent on painful daily bus commutes.

Bondi Junction

It’s winter here in Sydney now so you don’t feel the need to head out all the time. It’s the time now for getting cosy at home, warm winter clothing, blankets and bowls of stew. Being cooler you are more than happy to sit at home, watch Netflix and drink lots of tea. It’s also a good time to hit the gym and work on that summer body for next year πŸ™ˆπŸ˜. Luckily in Sydney there are still plenty of things to do in winter. I will list a few that we have completed recently.

We just had the yearly Festival of Lights in Sydney known as Vivid. There are many light installations all over the city, illuminating Sydney’s most iconic features, for example, the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. There are light projections at Darling Harbour along with a pretty impressive firework display and local light performances at Barangaroo. The botanic gardens has a trail of different light features that takes you on an exciting journey throughout. It is very impressive but extremely busy. My advice would be to attend during the week as weekends are chaotic.

I recently saw a post on Facebook about a really cool Japanese garden in Sydney. So thought it would be good to check out. It is a good 20km or so outside the CBD in the suburb of Auburn and is located within Auburn’s Botanical Gardens. It is a really quaint garden that is one of Sydney’s hidden gems. If you want to see a really stunning area with tranquility and a feeling of being immersed in nature, not far from the city, then you should check this place out. It also contains a very small little animal sanctuary, housing some of Australia’s most famous animals in their Australian Native Gardens section.

We love to find walks in and around Sydney that showcase the beautiful scenery the city has to offer. One that I had never completed or even knew about is the walk from Barangaroo (just past Darling Harbour) to Circular Quay, bridging the two giant tourist locations together. It is a really stunning walk, not overly long and gives you another angle (there are hundreds) from which to see the Harbour Bridge. Having never been here before, it was magical to find a new path to trek around right in the CBD. Definitely one to check out.

Another walk that we only happened to do today was that from Taronga Zoo to Chowder Bay. I had heard and seen friends doing this walk but only managed to find the time to do this today. Boy, what a walk! It did not disappoint. I think the weather made it to be fair. Although winter, the sun was out in force and the blue skies definitely add to the setting. It was cooler which was probably a blessing in disguise as there are many steps through bush terrain and we ended up walking about 5km. The views of the city are stunning and the coastline is out of this world. I have carried out a few walks around Sydney, all beautiful but it was pretty cool to still discover a new one to us. At the end of the walk we reached Chowder Bay where there is the most quaint little coffee dock called Bacino Kiosk. I would highly recommend everyone to check this out, one of the best coffee places I have been to in Sydney!!! We will be back πŸ˜‰.

To conclude, yes it’s winter here in Sydney now and things slow down a little, for us at least. However, there is also somewhere new to discover or something always happening to keep you entertained. One year has passed for us here and we are excited to be heading home this month for a holiday. After that, bring on year 2!!

Thanks for reading! πŸ™πŸΌW πŸ’›

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