My favourite emojis 🤩 🤔

What are your favorite emojis?

I have to say I really do love emojis. I know, I know, they are not too popular here in the blogging world and that’s ok. I do try to keep them to a minimum here but I do use them a lot in text messages or in my social media apps. Not everyone has to like them but for me, they add a bit of fun and colour, plus sometimes the one emoji can really some up your mood, rather than a few words. Find below some of my favourite emojis 👇🏼

😊 – you just can’t go wrong with a smiley face. This is my number one go to emoji and it often sums up my feelings as I’m a pretty happy person most of the time.

🙏🏼 – I always use this as a way of saying thank you or thank goodness if I’m worried about something. I don’t pray too often but I use this also if I am hoping something goes well.

🩵 – I am a big heart person and I use the hearts to show if I love or care for something or if I am thinking of someone. I love the different colours of the hearts 🖤🩶🤎💜💙❤️🩷🧡💚💛🤍 and at the moment this one is my favourite as it’s a new colour and my favourite colour is blue.

🤷🏼‍♂️ – This one is great if I have no idea about something. Used more than I care to admit too 🙈

✌🏽 – My signature sign off emoji especially on my blog as I think it’s cool and it’s the symbol of peace.

😂 – I love this emoji and use it A LOT. It sums me up to a tee and it’s great if you find something really funny.

Ok so these are my most used emojis but I love SO many more and I could be here all day so I won’t bore you with them all 😂.

What are your favourite emojis? I would love to hear what you all think.

Wayne ✌🏽

Bloganuary Day 12

This is an interesting post as I have recently been questioning whether emojis are accepted in the blogging world.

I love to use emojis. I feel like one little image can convey a word or feeling so well. I use these a lot in my daily life, in text messages, social media and now blogging. I think because they’re everywhere now, they have almost become integrated into our written language.

They’re useful, especially when you don’t speak or write the same language as others. They are universal and break down language barriers.

I don’t even realise I’m using emojis half of the time. Maybe it’s a bad habit to use emojis in blogging. I feel like they are looked down and frowned on in the blogging world. I did have another blogger once comment on one of my posts about my use of emojis and to be honest, I felt silly for using them and slightly belittled.

I think emojis are here to stay and are a sign of moving with the times. I personally like them and I will continue to use them. I will try to refrain from using too many in my blog posts as perhaps it does take away from the art of writing. However, I do believe in the saying “you do you and I will do me”, so if you want to use emojis, go for it, it is your blog after all.

These are my most used emojis at the moment. They do change frequently, however, there are a few that always stay at the top. I think you can tell a lot from someone’s most used emojis 😊

I love the hug 🤗 emoji. It’s very positive and shows that you care about someone, especially as we cannot really hug people at the moment due to covid. I also love the face palm 🤦🏼‍♂️ emoji and the shrug 🤷🏼‍♂️ one, which I obviously haven’t used for a while 😉. The grapes, leaves and sunflower are there simply there because I have just been to a few vineyards recently.

What are your thoughts on emojis? I am generally very interested to hear your opinions, especially when blogging.

Thanks for reading and take care,

Wayne ✌🏽

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