How are you brave?

Ok everyone, I have somehow missed this question and seeing as I have no question for today, I’m guessing I have been jumping the gun and doing them in advance. So yesterday’s post was really todays. So I thought I would write a little post based on this prompt from two days ago.

How am I brave? I think we can be brave in many different ways and for many different situations. I think I am brave by moving back to Northern Ireland, having left an amazing life in Australia. I think I am brave to begin a new chapter in my life and maybe finally do some adult things, like buying my own house for the first time and purchasing my first car (especially as I approach my forties).

All these things scare me and I have to be brave and embrace the change, for my own sake. These are big life changes but being brave could be simply leaving the house or going to the gym on your own etc etc.

I think we are all brave at times and we should be proud of ourselves for overcoming whatever life throws at us, no matter how big or small. Being brave is made easier with the support of loved ones and encouragement when times are tough. We are not alone in this world, whether it be your family or friends that you rely on for support, or a particular faith or community group, there are always others there to help you overcome whatever it is that scares you or makes life more difficult at that particular time in your life.

Can anyone else relate?

Wayne ✌🏽

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