Tuesday thoughts 💭 – Jetpack app?

Hi everyone! I keep seeing this notification on my WordPress blog and wondering has anyone else made the switch. Do you know what it’s about and if it’s any good?

It does state that this will be removed next month but I’m not sure if it’s worth checking out. Any knowledge on this would be great thanks 😊.

Wayne 👌🏼

22 thoughts on “Tuesday thoughts 💭 – Jetpack app?

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      1. You most assuredly were not!
        I typically use my Android to blog, and when I made the switch, the functionality was not there yet, so I went back to the WordPress app. I will try again. Happy Writing , Friend!

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  1. I echo what Hugh says. It’s a very easy switch and is essential if you don’t want to lose the functionality of the current app, which is going to be significantly reduced next month. And as Hugh says in his post, delete the old app once you’ve switched – there’s no need for both and they could get in each other’s way.

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