Doors of WordPress V30 🎄

Happy Thursday everyone and welcome to my 30th edition of Doors of WordPress!!! This week we’re showcasing some festive inspired doors, mine are all red as that’s the colour I think of when I envisage the Christmas season. I haven’t seen too many festive doors this week but I suppose it’s still early days. I love seeing all the Christmas wreaths on the doors too, a tradition that still makes me smile when I see it, so if I see any wreaths over the next couple of weeks, I will be sure to share them.

1 – Love & Death, a cool bar in Belfast city centre.

2 – St Malachy’s Parish Church, Hillsborough

3 – Hillsborough, I love this door, the frame and transom window, very regal in appearance and just beside Hillsborough Castle.

4 – Avonmore House, Banbridge. This house was built around 1791 and was the home of Francis Crozier, the Banbridge born polar explorer.

5 – Hillsborough, a great door and I love the Christmas wreath.

I hope you’re all enjoying the festive season thus far. I’m just working away and enjoying the build up, the Christmas songs and mince pies. I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet, what about you?

Wayne ✌🏽

21 thoughts on “Doors of WordPress V30 🎄

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  1. OMG door five!!! GOALS!!! I love your “Christmas-ey” doors and hope you get to see more wreaths as the days and weeks tick by; closer to Christmas xx
    ps what does YOUR front door look like? Ours is a dark wood with a horrible “gold” (fake and tacky) doorknob.

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  2. Red is definitely a favorite color of mine I go with the church with the old style shape and the
    large door hinges and the windows beside it. But I did notice that Avonmore House has a
    “scrooge” door knob. I always wanted one of those 🙂 Christmas shopping is all done, if I would pick up anything it is just off the cuff.

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