WordPress Storage?!

Happy Monday everyone! The start of a new week and I’m just having a look at my blog memory. I have noticed that I have used 80% of my storage, presumably on images as I do tend to upload a lot of these. Does anyone here in the blogosphere know what happens when you run out of storage? Do you have to pay for more or is it best to delete some of my older images?

I already pay quite a bit for a yearly subscription for a personal plan and I have 6G of storage, so I don’t really want to pay any more. However, I am worried about deleting images as that may affect my previous blog posts. If you remove the images from the media library, does that remove them also from your blog posts?

There are quite a few questions there but if anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I can contact the engineers and see what solutions they can offer.

Many thanks and have a great week.

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. Hi Wayne!
    You can compress the size of your photos, while retaining their original quality, using image editing apps.
    If Photoshop is heavy for you, just like me, then you can use Pixlr [https://apps.pixlr.com/x/]. It is free, features basic & advance editing options and compresses the image w.r.t size, not quality.

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  2. I’m so glad for the comments suggesting you re-size your photos, Wayne. I hope you can use them all and not have to lose/delete any posts.

    My anxiety: Omg check your usage! You might run out any minute now. Arghhh

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  3. 1) Be careful about shrinking the size of the photos. If you do that on WordPress, it stores both versions (so making a large image smaller can end up using more space). I don’t know if that is still the case, but it was a year ago.

    2) FYI, I upload 800×600 pixel images. They are fine for a blog, and they extend the life of your storage.

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  4. I just went through and deleted over 500 pics in my media. I use photos etc on practically every post and would be lost without them😂. I deleted all the headers of prompts such as: MLMM Saturday Mux. Just as an example. That way the story stays but the headers or pics of icons on posts are unnecessary as are directions for certain prompts as they can be found by clicking on the prompt’s url at the bottom of my post. I’m hoping not to offend but I can’t afford upgrades either. And that’s just a beginning, the 500, because I do it periodically. Most of my posts require a pic of some sort to help convey my meaning.

    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. I am the same. I love photos and so use them an awful lot. I think I will just make them smaller before posting and will try minimise the ones already posted. I don’t want to pay even more money for my blog.

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  5. That sucks, WP really doesn’t offer much memory in most of their plans. Does anyone here in the blogosphere know what happens when you run out of storage? You stop being able to upload new media of any kind. Do you have to pay for more or is it best to delete some of my older images? You can pay for more but deleting some images will work too. If you remove the images from the media library, does that remove them also from your blog posts? Yeah, your posts will no longer have these images. I would recommend deleting them and using .jpg images since those take up less storage. And I think there’s an “add-on” option to buy more memory.
    Hope that helps 😊

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  6. This is the biggest problem I have with WP. I’ve totally run out of room a couple of times. I upgraded to the next highest plan, and that’s run out of storage, too. I have no idea how to reduce size of photos. I try deleting old photos which works, but seems you have to delete many, many photos to get to where you can post one new one. They will disappear from a post, too. Hope you find something that works. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for sharing. I will try to reduce my photos either on WP or one of the free apps. I have deleted some old posts but the memory hasn’t dropped at all. I think you’re right, you would have to delete a lot to see a big difference.

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  7. I blog from my iPhone and I use one of two free apps available at the App Store to shrink my photos before adding them to my post: Resize It and Compress. Both work great. If you aren’t using an iPhone though, well, ignore this comment.

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  8. A friend of mine has foodie site on WordPress. After a year, she had reached 100% of her image allowance and WordPress would not allow any more photos to load. She did not want to pay any money because her site had been a Pandemic hobby. But when she saw people talk about reducing the memory size of an image, she went through all of the photos on her site and turned them into smaller files. The 100% dropped right down to 9%. So she has decided to carry on with her foodie posts for as long as she is enjoying it.

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  9. Hi Wayne, are you reducing the sizes of your images and photos before adding them to your media library? I always reduce the size of my images and photos to at least 900 x 675 pixels before uploading them to my media library. Reducing the sizes helps because each photo or image takes up much less space.

    When you run out of storage, you have to pay for more storage or upgrade to a WordPress plan that gives you more space.

    If you delete images and photos from your media library, they will disappear from any blog posts they are on. I’d recommend getting rid of any old blog posts from your blog that are no longer getting any traffic, views or comments and then deleting the images contained in those posts from your media library. Unfortunately, when you delete any blog posts, any images and photos in those posts will remain in your media library until you delete them.

    I hope that is of some help?

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    1. Thanks Hugh that’s great help. I have never reduced my image size so that is something I will definitely be doing from now on. I’m more than happy to delete old blog posts that haven’t been viewed in a long time. Another quick question, if I delete old posts will that affect my stats? I’m not bothered about views but I guess it will affect how many blog posts I have created etc?

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      1. Deleting posts doesn’t affect your overall stats, Wayne. If you delete any, you will see a reduction in the number of blog posts you have published and the number of comments you have approved on your blog’s dashboard, but if those posts are not getting viewed or read, they are not affecting your stats anyway.

        And does it matter how many blog posts you have published? It should be more about the quality of your blog posts rather than how many you have published. Not only do good quality blog posts attract more visitors, but SEOs like Google are more likely to recommend those posts to those searching for information.

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  10. 🙂 Wayne, if you run out of storage, you will either have to delete images or upgrade your plan.

    I highly recommend that you adopt the practice of resizing and compressing your images (They will take up less storage space if you do those two things).

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  11. Okay, yes if you remove them from your media library, they are removed from your posts. Of that, I’m certain.
    I am sure I have seen instructions about how you can see which items are taking the most space, but yeah, I would go about rem,oving old things.
    I’d be quite surprised if it was just images as you should be able to upload several thousand before you start noticing it. Have you copied any other files up?
    Incidentally I did a crude analysis once. Nobody viewed anything more than a week or so old. There are exceptions, but ones and twos out of thousands.

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  12. Have you tried to scale down the picture size ? You can do it on WordPress even after publishing and it brings down f.ex. a 10 MB photo to around 300 MB or less. No reader on a screen will usually see the difference.

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