Rotorua 🌋

This was the perfect spot for us to stop and rest during our drive from Wellington to Auckland. As well as being a great location to stop, we had really wanted to visit here for a couple of reasons.

This area was created thousands of years ago by volcanic activity and sits at the southern end of Lake Rotorua, also formed from a volcanic explosion. Although the volcano hasn’t erupted since, there remains a lot of geothermal occurrences daily, which in turn creates geysers, hot springs and hot mud pools.

We really wanted to try the hot springs as well as seeing and learning about the traditional Māori people. In Rotorua you can find a living Māori village, there the people have been living for more than 700 years. You can have a tour of the village and witness how the people live.

Rotorua itself is a quaint little town with plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars. You will see many Māori people here which is really lovely to see. Another thing to note with this place is that it has a strong sulphur smell (think eggs) from the geysers which can be quite overwhelming if you’re not used to it but I’m so glad we were able to experience it.

Such an amazing place and we thanked the tour guide for an awesome opportunity to see how the Māori people continue to live to this day and aim to keep their traditions alive in the 21st century.

I hope you enjoyed a little insight to Rotorua. This is a definite pit stop if ever travelling from Wellington to Auckland. We made one more stop on our way to Auckland, can any of you guess where it was? I am really excited to show you all later this week.

Take care and thanks for your continued support.

Wayne ✌🏽

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  1. Done quite a few trips to NZ in the past. Did Rotorua a long time ago – maybe 15 or more years ago now, but I can still smell it from here! I used to visit Tauranga and Katikati and go hiking in the Kaimai’s and along the coast at Waihi. I used to go to Whangamata and Karangahaki Gorge quite a bit too.

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  2. Another fabulous stop! Geysers and hot springs are simply amazing to see because there aren’t that many of them around the world. I (Kellye) would love to see how the Māori people live. It’s incredible that they have kept to their traditional ways of life.

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  3. It’s all so lovely and I agree with the architecture of the church. That is lovely. I feel like I got my history
    lesson today Great pictures but the water would be too hot for me. Could the next town you visited be
    Matamata and a little village?

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