Tuesday Thoughts πŸ’­ Share your World 5/7/22

Another set of great questions from our Melanie 😊

What do you think it means to be healthy?

Healthy is looking after ourselves and trying our best to maintain our health. I’m sure most of us know what we have to do to be healthy, ie. having a healthy diet, exercising, reduce alcohol consumption, no smoking etc. etc. I know it’s not always easy to do these things. Life can often get in the way and there are also additional factors at play, for example, our environmental, social, mental, emotional and physical elements that can limit or affect our lifestyle choices. We just have to do the best we can. Your health is your wealth. I appreciate this more than ever since becoming a nurse.

Is being obsessive about someone or something a good thing?

Personally, I don’t think it’s a good thing. Yes it’s great to be focused and determined but it can be a fine line between that and becoming obsessive. I have seen this with training at the gym and people becoming so fixated on results, what they eat etc. to the point of being unhealthy, both mentally and physically.

Being obsessive with a person can really affect your mental health and you may make poor decisions as a result. It is also not good for the person being obsessed over.

After a disagreement with your significant other, do you initiate the makeup conversation or wait for your signature other to do it?

Thankfully I can disagree with my partner about anything and it never results in an argument. Therefore, we never have to have a makeup conversation. I’m very lucky that we’re both pretty relaxed and carefree.

Have you ever done something incredibly embarrassing in front of a huge crowd?

I remember being a teenager in high school. We were practicing the high jump and instead of jumping gracefully over the pole, I jumped straight into the right stand holding the pole up. It was extremely embarrassing and actually quite painful. I had to limp away with my tail between my legs. Not my finest hour and needless to say, I didn’t become a high jump professional πŸ™ˆ.

What’s your sweetest memory from childhood?

Helping to look after my baby sisters.

Why can’t I get a tan like this anymore?! 🀣

Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone!

Wayne ✌🏽

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts πŸ’­ Share your World 5/7/22

Add yours

  1. I believe that your mind controls most of your health along with the other things you have stated. A mind
    that has good kind thoughts of yourself helps you a long way in life. When you are unhappy or in a
    bad mood watch for the different health problems to begin. I know as I am in better health now than when I was younger and it is my mental outlook that helps. Having had a bad autoimmune disease taught
    me that my attitude could pull me through it. I won’t ever get rid of it but it is in remission and I plan for it
    to stay that way.

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    1. Thanks for that. That’s a really interesting concept. I think you’re right. Having a positive mindset can definitely have an impact on our health. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I had a similar gym class thing. Was doing it without the pole. Forget what it was called. When I ran at it, I didn’t clear it. In fact, I knocked the metal pole off the stand and whatever was holding it in place. I was not the best coordinated kid on the gym floor πŸ˜‰

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    1. It gets better…I found the one thing I could do….sit ups. I practiced and practiced…I was going to get a badge for that one…determined. The big day came. I was sick and missed school. Though the sit ups continued….I never got to show the gym teacher that I wasn’t totally unable to do gym stuff πŸ˜€ I came in last most races, I stumbled through the exercise day. My gym teachers were patient…but I just never amounted to anything in sports πŸ˜€ Sports isn’t everyone’s thing.

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      1. I can…I was terrible at sports and even managed to get hit with a baseball or bat on the knee walking behind a ball game πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜

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      2. You learn to live with it. I still have a scar from misjudging distance riding bike with friends…and something caught something…and I was on the ground…. Not everyone is good at activities. I could walk…used to take long ones.

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